managing the home budgetAbout a year ago, I left my job to stay at home. Considering Emmy was on her way (although it was mostly a secret then), it seemed like as good a time as any. After a few months, I took a part time job, partly out of boredom and also partly because it was nice to have the extra money to put Emmy’s room together. And, what a cute room it turned out to be.

Since then, our budget has been ridiculously tight and stretched. More so than it should and I know that a deal of it has to do with questionable spending decisions.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on our finances and how we can solve this ridiculous budget conundrum. Over the past two months I’ve taken to cooking a lot more, probably 90% of our meals. Cutting out eating out has drastically saved us money. It took a while to become apparent, especially since we’ve had to spend unbudgeted money on Christmas.

One thing we need to do is pay off my Belk card and Joseph’s recliner. In addition, I also have an anesthesiologist from my appendix to pay off and finish paying off my baby bills. In total, once those are paid off it will easily free up around $300 in our account monthly.

I’m also canceling our exterminator since they have yet to solve our stinkbug problem. I’m also getting rid of our cable and solely keeping Internet through Comcast. Now, because we will have Internet through them, apparently you get some channels but instead, I’ve signed us up for Hulu Plus to go along with the Netflix we already had. Together, that will save us around another $100 a month. Joseph cancelled the cable yesterday and so far so good.

We do not really have a ton of extra bills that can be cancelled. We have a mortgage, water and electric, two car payments, insurance for that, Netflix, Hulu, Internet and our cell phone bill. Besides Netflix and Hulu, they are all pretty non-negotiable bills and since Netflix and Hulu only cost $15 total together, we can spare it.

So, going into 2017, I have a resolution to get our finances together. I think Joseph and I had gotten too complacent, which is why we feel like we’re struggling when he makes more than enough to support us. My goal is to pay off those superfluous bills, lower other bills and start saving funds for Christmas, clothing and vacation.

In 2017, I certainly want to feel more like I’m controlling my money, rather than it controlling me.