spider in my roomMany would say that there is nothing worse than finding a spider crawling about in your home. I would argue that there is. I believe that there is nothing worse than trying to fall asleep knowing there is a spider crawling around in your home (shiver).

That said, it can be a problem trying to keep spiders out if you actively try to avoid using chemicals and poisons. Sure, a can of spray will do the trick, but it can also make the wee beasties (pets or children) sick, or worse.

This article will present some natural products that will protect your home from spiders, and thus help you to sleep better at night!

Essential oil fragrances

One thing that many people are probably unaware of is the fact that spiders have an acute sense of smell. I’ve never seen a nose on a spider, so I am a bit skeptical myself. However, science stubbornly professes this to be true. That said, it turns out that spiders are repelled by many of the scents and fragrances that we find pleasant. In particular, peppermint, lavender and cinnamon have been proven very effective in keeping these eight legged terrors at bay. In case these fragrances are stronger than you prefer, tea tree oil and rose oil have also been proven to work well. Next time you want to make your house smell like a candy cane, but the spouse is against it, just tell them that you’re only doing it to keep the spiders away!

Flowers and herbs

If you are extra determined to eliminate the threat of spiders crawling around in your home, then you can take the battle outside. Just as fragrances within the home will repel spiders, so too, fragrances outside the home will do the same. Planting lavender, mint or eucalyptus will create a barrier in your garden that will deter spiders from even going near your house. Some of these plants will also attract birds and certain insects that will help to reduce the number of other unwanted insects and creepy crawlies. All in all, a fragrant garden will prove to be as useful as it is attractive.

Cedar chips

One area of the home most susceptible to spiders is the basement. While burning essential oils in the basement may not be a practical solution, there are other methods that will work. One such method is the use of cedar. It turns out that spiders are highly repulsed by the smell of cedar. Thus, you can line your basement with cedar chips or balls. This will not only help to keep the spiders out, but it will also repel other pests including certain rodents. Additionally, using cedar can help to reduce dampness in a basement.

Overall, there are a great many natural remedies for spiders. Not only are these methods effective, but they can be pleasant as well. Who doesn’t like a colorful, fragrant garden after all?

extremely clean homeDust from dirt, plaster, drywall, or any other dust you can think of is bad, not only for your health, but for your furniture, floors, tools, and appliances. It’s important to remove the mess for lessening fire dangers, and it’s easier to get rid of than you might think.

Catch Airborne Dust

Dust rides the air before it collects on surfaces, and removing it while suspended makes disposal easier. Shop vacuums and carpet washers remove most of the collected dust, but when connecting a dust collector to the shop vacuum, you get a two-stage collection vessel. This removal system works like the ones used in professional woodshops. The Dust Deputy collector, selling for $100, picks up wood dust and chips with a cyclonic action, like water running down a drain, before depositing it in the tank bottom. Finer particles, not collected in the tank, move through the air filter of the vacuum.

Invent Your Own Filtration

By searching internet woodworking and material supply sites, you can find different shrouds, hoses, and adapters to add to your shop vacuum equipment. One such dust-trapping tool is the ChopShop Saw Hood made by FastCap, which sells for $142. By placing the hood on your saw, it forces sawdust against the hood’s back where the dust slides into a box. This keeps dust in the waste vehicle instead of on everything in the room.

If the price is too steep, try making a hood from sheet metal, particleboard, or plywood. Before the invent of specialized hoods, this DIY solution worked well for lumberyards and home wood shops.

Invest in a Good Shop Broom

A lightweight house broom and plastic dustpan, won’t remove the dust. You need a contractor push or shop broom and professional wood brush with horsehair bristles for the work bench and clothing. These industrial brooms and brushes remove everything from heavy sawdust to the finest silt off hard surfaces and clothing. Finish off your dust removing system with a large, heavy duty aluminum or metal dustpan.

The Right Clothes

Even with a good dust removal system, you still get dust in the air. Easy on and off coveralls make keeping dust outside the house easier. Using your brush, knock off any dust before removing your coveralls and hang them next to the door.

Easier Breathing

Spend the extra on a good quality mask to prevent breathing in the dust. Particulate respirators with foam seals and valves are considerably more than disposable masks, but worth the higher cost. Particulate respirators give better filtration than a standard dust mask, and with a valve for breathing, it reduces fog on safety glasses.

Put Out the Entrance Mat

Buy a mat for the entrance and place in front of your shop door to help gather wood and metal shavings, and dust from your shoes when leaving the room. It helps keep these harsh particles from being carried inside the car and your house and ruining floors and carpet. For the best effectiveness, get a mat with scrubbers to help loosen bits and pieces of debris from shoe soles.

home upgradesMost people try to live on a budget and make the most of the money that they do have. Turning off lights when they are not in use and turning up the thermostat are great places to start in saving on electricity bills.

But here are several more tips to cut some costs in your home:

Electricity Thermostat

Outside of a mortgage payment, the electricity bill is one of the highest monthly payments. Try replacing old outdated electricity thermostats for a newer one. Technology has driven changes that make new thermostats more customizable which will in turn cost less money. You can set the thermostat to be warmer or colder than normal while the parents are away at work and the children attend school. This will help less electricity to be used.

Powerful Power

Invest in a newly modernized power strip for areas of the home where the most things are plugged in. It will help when things are plugged in to not be draining power while they are not in use. Older power strips allow leakage of power even when kitchen appliances and other things are not in use.

The Water Heater

Most people do not think about setting of things like a water heater, even though it contributes to how much power is used in a home. Take a few minutes to check on the temperature that it is set on before taking your next shower. If it is set too high it will be costly, and chances are you can turn it down without noticing any difference at all.

Recharging Things

When you are able, try taking your charger to work to plug it in and recharge. It is also helpful to plug in laptops and other digital devices at your workplace when you are able to. This will cut down on energy usage in the home. Make sure to ask for permission from a supervisor before doing so on an ongoing basis.

Blow Dryers

Save a little extra energy by letting your hair dry naturally after taking a shower. It is healthier for your hair because the heated air can cause dry damaged ends. Your hair can still be curled or styled as needed after it is dry.

Line Dry

Go back to the basics, by hanging a clothing line outside of the home. Once your clothes have been laundered, you can hang them out to dry in the natural air. It is an age old tradition that works very well. It will also save a ton of money when this change is made over a lifetime.

Even using small changes can make a big difference in a home. Try a few of the tips and tricks listed above in your home and wait for the best results. You will see for yourself how much of a difference it will make when you make the necessary adjustments in your family home.

fresh smelling homeAt the end of a long day, there is nothing greater than coming home to a place that reflects who you are. But some people are wondering what makes a home feel like your home, especially when it is a new home. Here are a few things that you can do to truly make it yours.

The Sense of Scent

-One of the key things about making a home feel uniquely yours is the smell that you encounter when you arrive. There are many ways that you can accomplish this, just by what you warm up. Try making cookies just prior to guests arriving to your home for a sweet innocent scent. But if your nose is more prone to something a bit more savory try lighting some floral scented candles for added appeal.

Vinegar Helps

-Sometimes when you have lived in a home for a while, it can mean that things build up. It could mean that that applies to a garbage disposal or an old coffee pot just the same. Try purchasing an inexpensive bottle of vinegar to use. Run hot water down your sinks for about three minutes to clear away the debris from the passageway. Then pour vinegar down the hole. It will blast the unsightly smells that can come from a garbage disposal over time. It will also work with a coffee pot as well.

Run it through once, without anything but water to melt away the caked on debris. Then fill it with a vinegar and water mix and let it sit for up to an hour before pouring it out. It will take away any left-over smells that can be left behind.

Cleanse the Air

-Getting rid of old smells is not the only thing that you can do to freshen up the home. You can also pull the outside in by adding some fresh cleansing plants on the inside. Try a fern or a climbing plant to not only add color but to help cleanse the air from any impurities that might be lingering in the corners.

Clean the Vents

-It isn’t something that people enjoy doing but cleaning is a must. It is important to clean the air vents within the home. They can become cluttered with debris from dust, lint, and pet hair over time. Take a vacuum and clean the vents before they become to cluttered. Dirty air vents will ultimately cause problems with allergies. Also take the time to clean and to change out the air filter that is usually housed in the main heating and cooling unit base.

Your home should smell like the way you want it to smell, so use the things that matter the most. Go with good smelling things like baked goods or candles for both a sweet or savory scent. Then move on to cleaning out garbage disposals and coffee pots with vinegar to relieve the smell. And finally clean the vents and air filters regularly for the best results.