extremely clean homeDust from dirt, plaster, drywall, or any other dust you can think of is bad, not only for your health, but for your furniture, floors, tools, and appliances. It’s important to remove the mess for lessening fire dangers, and it’s easier to get rid of than you might think.

Catch Airborne Dust

Dust rides the air before it collects on surfaces, and removing it while suspended makes disposal easier. Shop vacuums and carpet washers remove most of the collected dust, but when connecting a dust collector to the shop vacuum, you get a two-stage collection vessel. This removal system works like the ones used in professional woodshops. The Dust Deputy collector, selling for $100, picks up wood dust and chips with a cyclonic action, like water running down a drain, before depositing it in the tank bottom. Finer particles, not collected in the tank, move through the air filter of the vacuum.

Invent Your Own Filtration

By searching internet woodworking and material supply sites, you can find different shrouds, hoses, and adapters to add to your shop vacuum equipment. One such dust-trapping tool is the ChopShop Saw Hood made by FastCap, which sells for $142. By placing the hood on your saw, it forces sawdust against the hood’s back where the dust slides into a box. This keeps dust in the waste vehicle instead of on everything in the room.

If the price is too steep, try making a hood from sheet metal, particleboard, or plywood. Before the invent of specialized hoods, this DIY solution worked well for lumberyards and home wood shops.

Invest in a Good Shop Broom

A lightweight house broom and plastic dustpan, won’t remove the dust. You need a contractor push or shop broom and professional wood brush with horsehair bristles for the work bench and clothing. These industrial brooms and brushes remove everything from heavy sawdust to the finest silt off hard surfaces and clothing. Finish off your dust removing system with a large, heavy duty aluminum or metal dustpan.

The Right Clothes

Even with a good dust removal system, you still get dust in the air. Easy on and off coveralls make keeping dust outside the house easier. Using your brush, knock off any dust before removing your coveralls and hang them next to the door.

Easier Breathing

Spend the extra on a good quality mask to prevent breathing in the dust. Particulate respirators with foam seals and valves are considerably more than disposable masks, but worth the higher cost. Particulate respirators give better filtration than a standard dust mask, and with a valve for breathing, it reduces fog on safety glasses.

Put Out the Entrance Mat

Buy a mat for the entrance and place in front of your shop door to help gather wood and metal shavings, and dust from your shoes when leaving the room. It helps keep these harsh particles from being carried inside the car and your house and ruining floors and carpet. For the best effectiveness, get a mat with scrubbers to help loosen bits and pieces of debris from shoe soles.

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