home upgradesMost people try to live on a budget and make the most of the money that they do have. Turning off lights when they are not in use and turning up the thermostat are great places to start in saving on electricity bills.

But here are several more tips to cut some costs in your home:

Electricity Thermostat

Outside of a mortgage payment, the electricity bill is one of the highest monthly payments. Try replacing old outdated electricity thermostats for a newer one. Technology has driven changes that make new thermostats more customizable which will in turn cost less money. You can set the thermostat to be warmer or colder than normal while the parents are away at work and the children attend school. This will help less electricity to be used.

Powerful Power

Invest in a newly modernized power strip for areas of the home where the most things are plugged in. It will help when things are plugged in to not be draining power while they are not in use. Older power strips allow leakage of power even when kitchen appliances and other things are not in use.

The Water Heater

Most people do not think about setting of things like a water heater, even though it contributes to how much power is used in a home. Take a few minutes to check on the temperature that it is set on before taking your next shower. If it is set too high it will be costly, and chances are you can turn it down without noticing any difference at all.

Recharging Things

When you are able, try taking your charger to work to plug it in and recharge. It is also helpful to plug in laptops and other digital devices at your workplace when you are able to. This will cut down on energy usage in the home. Make sure to ask for permission from a supervisor before doing so on an ongoing basis.

Blow Dryers

Save a little extra energy by letting your hair dry naturally after taking a shower. It is healthier for your hair because the heated air can cause dry damaged ends. Your hair can still be curled or styled as needed after it is dry.

Line Dry

Go back to the basics, by hanging a clothing line outside of the home. Once your clothes have been laundered, you can hang them out to dry in the natural air. It is an age old tradition that works very well. It will also save a ton of money when this change is made over a lifetime.

Even using small changes can make a big difference in a home. Try a few of the tips and tricks listed above in your home and wait for the best results. You will see for yourself how much of a difference it will make when you make the necessary adjustments in your family home.

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