spider in my roomMany would say that there is nothing worse than finding a spider crawling about in your home. I would argue that there is. I believe that there is nothing worse than trying to fall asleep knowing there is a spider crawling around in your home (shiver).

That said, it can be a problem trying to keep spiders out if you actively try to avoid using chemicals and poisons. Sure, a can of spray will do the trick, but it can also make the wee beasties (pets or children) sick, or worse.

This article will present some natural products that will protect your home from spiders, and thus help you to sleep better at night!

Essential oil fragrances

One thing that many people are probably unaware of is the fact that spiders have an acute sense of smell. I’ve never seen a nose on a spider, so I am a bit skeptical myself. However, science stubbornly professes this to be true. That said, it turns out that spiders are repelled by many of the scents and fragrances that we find pleasant. In particular, peppermint, lavender and cinnamon have been proven very effective in keeping these eight legged terrors at bay. In case these fragrances are stronger than you prefer, tea tree oil and rose oil have also been proven to work well. Next time you want to make your house smell like a candy cane, but the spouse is against it, just tell them that you’re only doing it to keep the spiders away!

Flowers and herbs

If you are extra determined to eliminate the threat of spiders crawling around in your home, then you can take the battle outside. Just as fragrances within the home will repel spiders, so too, fragrances outside the home will do the same. Planting lavender, mint or eucalyptus will create a barrier in your garden that will deter spiders from even going near your house. Some of these plants will also attract birds and certain insects that will help to reduce the number of other unwanted insects and creepy crawlies. All in all, a fragrant garden will prove to be as useful as it is attractive.

Cedar chips

One area of the home most susceptible to spiders is the basement. While burning essential oils in the basement may not be a practical solution, there are other methods that will work. One such method is the use of cedar. It turns out that spiders are highly repulsed by the smell of cedar. Thus, you can line your basement with cedar chips or balls. This will not only help to keep the spiders out, but it will also repel other pests including certain rodents. Additionally, using cedar can help to reduce dampness in a basement.

Overall, there are a great many natural remedies for spiders. Not only are these methods effective, but they can be pleasant as well. Who doesn’t like a colorful, fragrant garden after all?

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