caring for your hardwood floorsHardwood floors have stood the test of time. They are as popular, durable, and dependable today as they were a hundred years ago. This means that it should come as no surprise that people are always looking for new and creative ways to care for them the best they can.

Layered Flooring

When new wood is laid, it is a pre specified height and width. From there, as time moves forward it will consistently wear down. You cannot add to it; it will only get thinner as they are walked on. Once enough time has passed, they will inevitably need to be sanded down and refinished. That will consist of the former top coat being sanded, new stain to be applied, and then a new top coat being applied before they are ready for more use. A common mistake is for old wood flooring to be sanded down too many times which will cause it to lose its structural integrity. A professional consult should be used when needed to make a determination of how to proceed for the best results.

There is Always Imperfections

One of the things that ultimately adds to the overall allure of hardwood flooring is their unique character. You may first think that a chip or a scratch looks unfavorable, but it is a common known fact that those are the things that add further appeal to the look. Instead of trying to hide those blemishes, try to enhance them instead. Try using a black paint, applied in small doses to the affected areas. Instead of hiding the scratch it will highlight it and draw more attention. It will add more character and charm than a brand new flooring system.

Different Product Lines

You can still use hardwood flooring in its truest sense if you are able to make the sizable investment that it will entail. However, there are many new products on the market today that are more cost effective than that.

If you are not concerned with budget, you might try the ceramic tiles that mimic hardwood flooring. They have all of the appeal and color but in a different form. They can also be heated with an underpinning for warm floors on a cold day.

There’s also engineered hardwood flooring that are sold in an easy to apply tongue and groove manner. They are constructed for the home do-it-yourselfer in mind and they will not break the budget. They are made for the masses but still have a great look to them.

And lastly, there are different linoleum products that come in whole room size pieces, rectangular tiles, or even peel and stick pieces. These are not quite as durable but they are the least expensive products on the market of this type.

Hardwood floors are a great way to live. They are stunning to look at and they are durable to stand the test of time. Taking care of them doesn’t have to be that difficult if you understand the different types and how to use them correctly.

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